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You have your own business in the fitness industry for some time and you want to be able to fully focus on motivating your new members to achieve their fitness goals. The last thing you want to do is spend way too much time managing your member administration in an expensive tool.
We understand that.

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The ideal solution

Fitblocks is the ideal tool for functional fitness boxes, yoga studios, bootcamp clubs and other companies in the fitness industry.

At Fitblocks you never pay for functionalities that you don’t use, because it only contains basic functionalities that you need. With Fitblocks you can easily create a weekly recurring timetable, plan and manage lessons and register and manage members. Members can enroll in classes and payments are automatic, so all you have to do is make sure they sweat enough and keep breathing.

Fitblocks offers four packages. The only difference between them is the number of members you can manage. Within the Starter package that’s 1 - 50 members. Do you want to manage more members? Then you can easily and smoothly upgrade to the Intermediate or RX package. Fitblocks biedt vier pakketten aan. With the Intermediate package you can manage 50-100 members. Do you want to manage more members in the future? You can easily upgrade whenever you want.

The Intermediate package include these functionalities:

Weekly Schedule

Let your members sign in to classes. Display events by day, week or month view. View only what’s relevant by using the event filter.

Event management

Create and schedule weekly returning or single events like WODs, Oly classes or Yoga classes.

Workout management

Easily add and schedule new workouts to create your own unique program.


Create plan-based or punchcard memberships and assign them to your members. Membership types can be defined for any interval.


Announce any workout on the dashboard, like the workout of the day.

Member management

Add new members manually or let them sign up themselves. Easily update member information or transfer to a new membership type.

Waiting list

Allow your members to join a waiting list if events or classes are fully packed.

Integrated payment services

Our trusted payment provider Mollie gives us the possibility to provide you with an easy-to-use payment solution, like recurring monthly payments for your memberships, iDEAL and credit card payments.

A lot more things to come

We’re working hard to make Fitblocks grow!


Still have questions? Hopefully we can answer them here. If not, don't hesitate and feel free to contact us and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Yes of course. In just a few clicks, we can securely import your member information into Fitblocks. We support you throughout the transition period until everything works according to your expectations.
The only difference is the amount of members you can manage and the Starter package doesn't come with integrated payment solutions. With the Starter package and Intermediate package you can manage up to 50 members, with the RX package you can manage up to 100 members and with the Elite package you can manage unlimited members. Each package contains all the core functionalities.
Because good software doesn't have to be expensive. We offer all core functionalities at a competitive price. Because Fitblocks is modular, you never pay for functionalities that you do not need.
Our payment provider Mollie arranges everything around payments. We've made it as easy as possible to make SEPA / recurring and one-off payments via iDeal or creditcard.
Our payment provider Mollie offers MT940 files to easily enter your earnings into your accounting system.
Fitblocks is software that is easy to use, offers great features such as class scheduling, managing events, managing members, managing memberships, integrated payments (SEPA, iDeal) solutions and is competitively priced. We are proud to offer our gym owners and personal trainers the best value in the market of gym management software. You won’t pay for unnecessary features that you won’t use.
Everything is web based, no separate app for Android or iOS, everything is super mobile friendly all via your web browser. So also no extra costs for separate apps.
Fitblocks can be used anywhere in the world. However, our SEPA payment solutions only work in Europe. We do offer a credit card payment solution that works worldwide. During the transition period, we can only provide full support in the Netherlands.
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