Manage Your Customers Easily

View, search, and manage your active customers in a clear and organized manner.

New Customers

You can easily add customers yourself. Your new customer will receive an email with instructions to activate their account and choose a subscription plan. Customers can also sign up themselves.

Easily add customers yourself

Enter the customer's information, and the customer will receive an automatic email with instructions to activate their account and choose a subscription plan.

Let customers choose a subscription plan

Customers can also easily sign up through the payment flow. They choose their subscription plan, enter their information, and make the payment.

Manage Your Customers and Their Subscriptions

Vacations, changing subscription plans, refunding credits, and your customer's bank account has changed? Fitblocks has a suitable solution for everything.

Temporarily pause a subscription

If a customer will be temporarily absent for a longer period, you can put their subscription on pause.

Easily change your customers' subscription plans

Your customer wants to upgrade or has less time available? You can manage your customers' subscriptions in a few clicks.

Let customers easily change their payment method

If your customer's bank account changes, they can handle it themselves, and you don't have to worry about the payments.

Adjust credits

You can easily adjust the number of credits per customer when necessary.


View the history of subscriptions per customer and when a subscription was paused and resumed.

Everything you need for your business

With Fitblocks, you can easily manage your members, subscriptions, payments, schedule, classes, registrations, and much more.

Start today!

Fitblocks offers you the solution for group classes, private training sessions, or workshops for you and your clients.